Install Jinaga

Let's install Jinaga so that we can get connected to the Replicator, by typing in VS Code's terminal window:

npm install jinaga jinaga-react

Sign in to the Jinaga portal to create or access a replicator. Publish the replicator and copy the generated URL. Create a new file called .env in the root of the project. Define a variable called REACT_APP_JINAGA_REPLICATOR_URL and paste in the generated URL.


Then create a file called jinaga-config.ts in the src directory. Whether you are using React or React Native, add the following code:

import { JinagaBrowser } from "jinaga";

export const j = JinagaBrowser.create({
    httpEndpoint: process.env.REACT_APP_JINAGA_REPLICATOR_URL,

That will create a Jinaga client for the browser or mobile app that connects to the Replicator.

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Jinaga is a product of Jinaga LLC.

Michael L Perry, President