Define a Model

To work with the facts you added to the Replicator, you need to define a model. The first kind of fact you added was a Blog.Site, which had a domain field. Let's start there.

Create a folder called model in the src directory. Inside the model folder, create a file called site.ts. Add the following code:

export class Site {
    static Type = "Blog.Site";
    public type = Site.Type;

        public domain: string
    ) { }

The next fact you added was a Blog.Post, which had a createdAt field. It was related to a site.

Create a file called post.ts in the model folder. Add the following code:

import { Site } from "./site";

export class Post {
  static Type = "Blog.Post";
  public type = Post.Type;

    public createdAt: Date | string,
    public site: Site
  ) { }

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