Database Setup

Now the application will try to save something to a database. The database it uses is Postgres. The default Postgres connection string is in src/server/jinaga-config.ts, or you can change it with the JINAGA_POSTGRESQL environment variable. We are just going to change the default value in the source code. Change the name of the database to jinagapwa, so that the whole connection string is postgresql://dev:devpw@localhost:5432/jinagapwa. This will restart the application automatically.

Now you need to create that database. Make sure you have PostgreSQL installed and running. On MacOS, you can use homebrew:

brew install postgresql

On Windows, download and run the installer.

Then you can create the database and the application user:

echo "CREATE DATABASE jinagapwa;" | psql -h localhost -U postgres postgres
echo "CREATE USER dev WITH LOGIN ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'devpw' VALID UNTIL 'infinity';" | psql -h localhost -U postgres jinagapw

Finally, create the database tables.

psql -h localhost -f node_modules/jinaga/setup.sql -U postgres jinagapwa

Now when you log in, you should see some action.

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