We'll take the easiest path to build your first PWA. This will require Node JS. Once you have that set up, we will use the Gatsby CLI to get everything started.

Node JS

To begin, you should be running Node JS. If you are on MacOS, use the Terminal window. If you are on Windows, I recommend using Windows Subsystem for Linux.

To make sure that Node is working, go to the Bash command line and run:

node -v

You should see something like v10.15.3. Version 8 or later fine.

Gatsby CLI

Go to your personal development directory (mine is /Projects, but yours might be /Users/yourname/Projects). Initialize a new Gatsby project (I called mine gatsbypwa). This will create a new folder.

cd /Projects
npx gatsby new gatsbypwa
cd gatsbypwa

Start Editing

Open your favorite text editor and start modifying the application. Start with the content folder, where you will find blog posts. Spin up a development server, and see that changes apply as soon as you save them. Cool, huh?

code .
npm start

The application will start at http://localhost:8000.

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